Thursday, September 19, 2019

Why Parents Should Be Concerned About Their Kids' "EQ," not Just IQ


This week we are sharing an article about an increasingly popular topic; EQ in children. Emotional intelligence is no different from any new skill, the earlier we begin to practice, the easier it is to deploy as an adult when the stakes are inevitably much higher.  This is a fantastic article James Paterson!   Thank you for exploring such an important topic.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Month in a Minute

Clockwise from top: Me and Steve at The Homestead Resort; View from Tetonia House, Idaho;  Our "fireplace chat"
August included two events that involved road trips in opposite parts of the country. Luckily, it was a lovely time of year so the road conditions were good and the scenery was beautiful. The first trip was to Hot Springs VA to work at The Homestead Resort which is the oldest hotel in America. It had a grand lobby with a high ceiling of wooden rafters and crown molding. It was a beautiful location in the mountains of western Virginia and provided a nice backdrop for a leadership retreat.

The other trip was to Eastern Idaho in the Grand Tetons, not far from Jackson Hole WY. As you can imagine, the views were breathtaking with the deep green valley and the snow-capped mountain tops. That was another great location for a small leadership retreat and we conducted a casual discussion next to a huge stone fireplace.

We also have an exciting announcement to make…
Introducing a new program, “The Emotional Intelligence Management Series for Senior Living." This is custom designed for busy managers in assisted living, skilled nursing, and senior care. If you are in the industry or know someone who is, we appreciate you checking it out!