Thursday, July 11, 2019

Month in a Minute

Clockwise from top right: Lisa Payne Grable of Comphealth and me; The cabin on the lake;  Blue day, Me and Steve with Kevin Liebig and Michael Baier, Steve at the annual meeting of the Board of Directors of AHMA-PSWPink and tan day
June included some interesting sights, as we once again traveled coast-to-coast. For one speaking event, I felt that I went back in time to a resort that seemed locked in the 1950s. It was located in the middle of Vermont, about an hour south of Burlington and 2.5 hours Northeast of Albany. The guest rooms are little cabins spread out around a lake, requiring a drive to get to the main lobby and restaurants. It was very charming but the temp outside was in the low 60's and rainy so outdoor activities were out. The cabins had no TVs and no mobile phone service. They did have WIFI, but it was too slow to stream videos or download shows. At first, David and I had that panicked moment of "What will we do with no electronic entertainment?!?" It's a sad state of the modern mind. It turned out to be quite enjoyable, we made a fire and talked. We walked in the rain. We listened to the rhythmic sounds of the lake splashing under our deck. I actually took a nap (that never happens). I won’t lie, I was happy to get back to the digitally connected world, but it was a nice unexpected respite from the usual grind of business travel.

As you know, Steve and I travel a lot together and never do we discuss our planned wardrobe choices. On several occasions, we have color coordinated enough that we now refer to it as our Donny and Marie moments. This month, you can see that one day we coordinated not only with each other but also our clients. And then did it again the next day.

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