Thursday, October 13, 2016

Month in a Minute

Top: Steve, Me, and James Symons CEO of LockNCharge; Bottom Left: Me
with Lee Self; Bottom Right: Meeting room in Nashville at Alkermes
September was a whirlwind, but filled with a lot of fun. It included getting to work with Renaissance Executive Forums, at their Washington DC All Member meeting with Lee Self and her group of CEO’s. Another highlight of the month was working with a new client, LockNCharge who invited me and Steve to work with their global team convening in Madison WI.

I heard a story this month that I really enjoyed and thought I would share it with you. A man was on a white water raft trip, it was his first time and despite many places during the ride when he thought for sure they would tip and land in the water, their guide deftly guided the boat around the rapids and they never went over. Being quite impressed with the guide, at the end of the day the man asked him how he learned to be so skillful, assuming he had just been on hundreds of rides to learn the maneuvers. To his surprise, the guide said he hadn’t been on that many boat trips, but instead focused on “reading the water.” He mentioned to me that it was a great metaphor for EQ and the importance of reading the environment and adapt accordingly. 

Sounds exactly right to me!

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