Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Want to Avoid Ego Trap 4 - "Not Letting Go of Control"? Take This Quiz

I am huge fan of Dan McCarthy's blog Great Leadership and he recently posted a self-assessment to determine if you might be a micromanager:

In Ego vs EQ, I share the pitfalls that leaders can fall into when they allow blind spots to sabotage their successful influence on followers. Ego Trap 4 is Not Letting Go of Control. This ties directly to micromanagement. Ironically, in some cases, micromanaging leaders may see themselves as low-ego, ultimate “servant leaders.” They may think: “Look at me, I am rolling up my sleeves and working side-by-side with the troops.” In reality, what may look like helping, though, isn’t helping at all since the group doesn’t often need another operator. They need a leader. In most cases the leader’s need to be involved often slows down the work of the group, as other things sit and wait for him to review or approve them. The principles of Emotional Intelligence say it’s not an executive or founder’s job to stay in the weeds and micromanage every challenge the company faces in each and every department but instead to lead people in the strategic direction they envision.

In a related article, I posted "The Trouble with Control" as a guest on Dan's blog if you are interested in learning more.