Friday, January 20, 2012

2011 Travel Summary

It's time to publish my annual travel stats for 2011:
136,911 miles, 8 airlines, 29 airports

Total delays: 14.55 hours (includes credits for early arrivals)
Percent of all flights with a delay: 25% (70% of those were delayed more than 15 mins)
Average delay (all flights): 58 minutes
Percent of delays not weather related: 56.67%

Percent of flights with a delay by airline:
Southwest (50 flights) 26% (77% of those were delayed more than 15 mins)
United (49 flights) 22% (64% of those were delayed more than 15 mins + one missed connection caused an arrival delay of 2 hours 50 mins)
US Air (7 flights) 28% (+ one cancelled flight due to mechanical caused a delay in return by 1 hr 45 mins)

Average delay by airline:
Southwest: 50 minutes
United: 31 minutes
US Air: 42 minutes

Not much change in the sad state of airline passenger experience. The FAA Reauthorization funding has still not been approved, airlines are flighting against transparency on fees, TSA remains questionable in its effectiveness, and airlines continue to complain they can't make any money. What an industry.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Reasons for Not Getting Feedback

If you have ever wondered why people don't give you feedback that you need, there are 3 common reasons:

1. Even though you say you want to hear it, you get defensive and make excuses for your behavior to the point where it makes it so difficult for others to be honest, they don't bother.

2. They have given you the feedback multiple times in the past but nothing seems to change. Instead of wasting their time, they stop telling you.

3. They are concerned about retaliation. It has not been safe to give you honest feedback in the past without negative consequences to them.

So, if you have gotten feedback via a 360 assessment or performance review that surprised you, honestly ask yourself if any of the 3 conditions above could be the reason why you haven't heard it before.