Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Let's Get Rid of Management

People don't want to be managed.
They want to be led.
Whoever heard of a world manager?
World leader, yes.
Educational leader.
Political leader.
Religious leader.
Scout leader.
Community leader.
Labor leader.
Business leader.
They lead.
They don't manage.
You can lead your horse to water,
but you can't manage him to drink.
If you want to manage somebody,
manage yourself.
Do that well, and you'll
be ready to stop managing,
and start leading.


Friday, September 10, 2010

The One Way Street

Bravo to Susan Stellin who nailed the airlines on their practices that always favor them and punish the passenger when changes need to be made to an itinerary. In short, if I need to make a change to a trip it costs me, but if they make a change to my trip, I get no recompense for the inconvenience. A contract is a contract right? So, if I breach the original contract by making a change, I incur a financial consequence. But if an airline breaches the original contract by making a change (not getting me where they agreed to, when they agreed to, the way they agreed to, with my baggage intact), they have no financial consequence. Huh??