Monday, April 5, 2010

Detached Attachment

On my last two flights from IAD-MHT my checked suitcase on United did not make my flight. In both cases, they delivered it to me the next day. Aside from the pure annoyance and inconvenience, this is part of travel is so unnerving. We are forced to choose our most prized possessions to take with us. I can’t bring 10 outfits and make a choice based on mood, local weather, or feel of the environment so I must pick before I leave. And so I pick the best ones, often favorite things. I bring items that symbolize comfort and confidence - my form of consolation – to help me forget the things I miss back home. But then, every time I check a bag, board a plane, or pack and unpack in a hotel, I must be willing to lose those treasures and never see them again. It is such a cruel game of detached attachment.