Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Power Cords

Is it possible that our energy level is directly correlated with our constant need to recharge our technology?

I arrived at a client offsite retreat this morning to deliver a short program, toting my LCD projector and laptop. When I opened the LCD bag, I discovered it was missing all of it's cords: rendering it completely useless. I got back to my office this afternoon only to realize that I left my laptop power cord at the hotel. And I just landed in Washington DC to discover that I did not pack my cell phone charger. What is going on today????

Freud would say I am completely burned out and have no interest in getting recharged. I think I need a vacation with a beach and a drink with an umbrella in it; and the sun is the only power source I will need.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Getting Gauged at the Airport

Dannon Light & Fit yogurt at my grocery store - 50 cents
Dannon Light & Fit yogurt at O'Hare - $2.20
Are you kidding me??? That is obscene.