Monday, December 22, 2008

It Is What It Is

I spent the early part of my career very frustrated by supervisors whom I felt were utter failures as leaders. I had read the books about exceptional leadership and was blessed to work with some amazing supervisors so I had a comparison to make. I would continue to put unfair and unrealistic expectations on people and I would continue to be disappointed when they didn't measure up.
My stepdaughters went through a phase were they would blame their dad for not doing things that he would not do in a million years. I kept thinking, "Who do they think this man is? They have invented a father that he is not and has never been". It was then that it hit me that I was doing the same thing, to "bad" bosses, to "bad" clients, to a "bad" mom. Instead I finally just accepted them for who they were, not who I desperately wanted them to be. The change in perspective has helped me see others in an entirely new way with a lot less frustration on both sides of the equation.