Thursday, February 7, 2019

Month in a Minute

The Great Wall; Hong Kong Harbor at night; Me and Cornelia Haag-Molkenteller, Chief Medical Officer Urovant; Shannon Isom and Me at Glidewell Labs in Orange County;  Me and Steve leading a webinar in AZ
Welcome to the new year, I was lucky enough to travel overseas in January and join David on a trip. We stopped in Beijing and Hong Kong. I had been to Hong Kong a few times before but this was my first opportunity to experience Beijing. It is a remarkable city based on size alone - 21.5m people live there - roughly the equivalent of the population of the top ten US cities combined. There are terrible traffic and pollution, and it’s also a mix of modern skyscrapers sitting right next to ancient homes with no running water.

A bucket list item was to see the Great Wall. We had a lovely driver, and his English was fantastic.  He drove us the 2 hours to see it. Being winter, we didn’t have any crowds to compete with and got to walk along it and see it go in both directions as far as the eye could see. It was 5,000 miles in total length. It was originally started by a dynasty prior to the birth of Christ and finished by the Ming Dynasty in the 1400s. You can imagine how many generations of Chinese built it and it is also called China’s longest cemetery because those who died while building it are buried inside of it.
At the entrance there is a plaque that reads:

Once intended to ward off enemy attacks
today it brings together the peoples
of the world. The Great Wall, may it
continue to act as a symbol of
friendship for future generations.

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