Thursday, November 1, 2018

Month in a Minute

Clockwise from top right: Upcoming AICPA Women's Global Leadership Summit in NYC; Team picture at the Escape Game, Austin; Wayne Powell, me and Cooper Vittitow of Civitas Senior Living; Coming soon to your fall Thursday night TV lineup...4 Is Enough, Penumbra's new sitcom; Rob Hendricks of Highgate Hotels and me
I am not sure how it is November 1st already, but here we are. October is always a fun month at Penumbra Group because almost the whole team has an October birthday so each year we do something together as a group to celebrate. This year we went to the great city of Austin. We stayed downtown at a cool hotel/residential rental called “The Guild," where we each had our own complete apartment with full kitchen and washer and dryer. We took the opportunity to be together to get some fresh headshots taken by Valerie Fremin and Sid Ceasar. They did a great job, check out Valerie's site here. And our original plan included a downtown Segway tour (something none of us has ever done), but the unusually cold and rainy weather thwarted our plans.

So, at the last minute, we booked an Escape Room. We found out that if you are looking for a special team to uncover the date, time and place of the next terror attack, we are NOT the ones to hire! It was our first time attempting an Escape Room and it was much harder than I thought it was going to be. We were given hints along the way, but much of it comprised of our observation skills as we searched for clues. It was sometimes hard to distinguish between what was an actual clue vs a prop and once we knew something had meaning, trying to determine how to make use of it. It was a fun teambuilding experience and I would recommend it to anyone in the area! Ask for Robert, he was incredible!

Wishing you a great Thanksgiving holiday ahead and hope to see you at one of our upcoming events in Philadelphia, Boston, New York City, Salt Lake City or the Cayman Islands!

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