Thursday, October 4, 2018

Month in a Minute

All photos from the Brainier User Conference.
Why did we crop the photo of the three of us?  Because, we
think it's pretty incredible just the way it is(we asked a 
passerby to snap a quick picture)

Wow, we made it to the 4th quarter. In September we had the opportunity to all get together to attend the Brainier User Conference in Minneapolis, it was a great event! With technology changing constantly it is always good to catch up on the latest trends and solutions in the learning management system world. The good news is that emotional intelligence skills are as in demand as ever and employees who demonstrate flexibility, self-control, stress tolerance and empathy are highly sought after and valued in the workplace in every industry. My keynote is being converted into an eLearning module that will be available on their platform so you can catch it if you happen to be a current customer of theirs.

At the conference, I had the pleasure of meeting their CEO, Jerry Cox. He gave the welcome message and then stayed at the event, sitting in the ballroom at a table with clients and employees. I was impressed. Too often the key executive will make some opening remarks and leave immediately after they are done to tend to more pressing issues. Not Jerry. Then, a few days later I got a handwritten note from him in the mail. That’s right, handwritten. Who does that? What a rarity in today’s world that a busy executive will take the time to write a personal thank you note. The impact was huge. It was a good reminder to me to send more handwritten notes, it’s a small thing that has big meaning.

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