Thursday, February 1, 2018

Are Others Willing to Go the Distance for You?

I was recently interacting with a colleague and he mentioned to me that he works hard for all his customers but there are some in particular that he goes the extra mile for. I asked him what the difference was for those customers and he said, “I simply work harder for good people.” So what makes “good” people? Read on to see if you meet the criteria and ways to build more credibility that gets others working harder for you.

You know those people. When they need something, you put them on the top of your priority list or respond to them ahead of older requests. You put in extra time or effort for them. You are always willing to make adjustments or be flexible when they need it. Why do we do these things? What makes someone worthy of this kind of reaction to them?
  1. They always express appreciation for you and your work.
  2. They are always polite and respectful with requests of you.
  3. They reciprocate and give you the same responsiveness and extra effort in return.
  4. They are adaptable and seem to consider your needs along with theirs.
  5. They are consistently a pleasure to work with and don’t take out their stress on you. 
We all want to believe that we do these things all the time. Or think that when someone acts in these ways with you, you naturally respond the same way. But my experience is we don’t always do these things for everyone or we sometimes wait for others to make the first effort, then we start. I like to think of my interactions with others as an insurance policy. Whenever possible, I want to be accommodating and responsive because I know there will come a day when I need that from them. It’s like making a deposit before you need to make a withdrawal. I also know that there will be times when I am not at my best and might not be polite or adaptable so I need some credits to rely on to receive grace I don’t deserve in that moment.

Make it a goal to behave in these five ways dependably for 30 days. When you make a conscientious effort to do so, it could completely change your life.

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