Thursday, August 3, 2017

Month in a Minute

How is it possibly August already?

Goodbye old friend(sniff)
July was a fairly quiet business month, but it was a challenging month for me personally. I was able to come to an agreement with the buyers of my home mid-July, which left me about 2 weeks to get everything done to close the sale by the 28th. I thought I had done a lot of packing. I thought I had cleaned out the closets, drawers, and kitchen to the minimum so the final steps would not take too much time. I was SO wrong. It took 4-6 people four solid 15-hour days.

 Moving is stressful for everyone, and this one was really tough for me. I think part of the reason why is that house is the place I lived the longest since I was a little girl. It was where I raised my kids. It saw some of my happiest times and my darkest times. I wrote two books in the home office. When I moved in 12 years earlier, I had pictured us having big family gatherings with our grandchildren there. I know it is stupid to get an emotional attachment to an inanimate object, but it did feel like I was losing an old friend. Like I was packing up my things and leaving her behind. 

Everything I own now fits in two PODS
I will tell you I was so ashamed of myself when I saw the dozens (and dozens) of trash bags we took to the dump. I keep a pretty clean house that is never cluttered, and yet I had so much garbage (old textbooks, 8-year-old school work from the kids elementary years, paint cans, 10-year-old Christmas cards, games with missing pieces, dried up bottles of nail polish, etc) lying in junk drawers, under the bathroom sinks, in the garage and the basement. Why hadn’t I gone through and cleaned some of that out years ago?
We also donated 7 or 8 bags of old clothes and about half of the furniture in the house. Why did I think I needed so much stuff? It really forced me to consider how much is enough and the importance of cleaning out and donating unnecessary items. Now that it is behind me, it feels good to have closed that chapter. I am excited about the new house I am building with David in Arizona. I am committed to decluttering and minimizing my possessions (okay, maybe not shoes).

So, if you had to move out in 2 weeks, could you do it? What is cluttering up your life that is no longer needed?

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