Thursday, May 4, 2017

Month in a Minute

Clockwise from top left: CHG Team in Salt Lake City, Steve and me at Commonwealth Financial,
Me speaking at SHRM, 4/5 of our team at The Copper Door, speaking at Merrimack College in MA.

Wow, what a whirlwind April was, and it flew by in a flash! We did work in six states, on-boarded three new clients, processed hundreds of style and EQ assessments, and the team logged 29,000 miles this month alone.

The highlight of the month was the day I arrived in Chicago to speak at the SHRM National Talent Management Conference. Upon landing and turning my phone back on, I received several messages, most of them going something like this, “Jen, where are you? Your session started 20 minutes ago. It’s not like you to be a no-show. We hope you are safe and everything is okay.” As a speaker, it is your worst nightmare that you missed the event you are hired to present at. I had expected to speak the next day, so I panicked and checked the trail of messages between us, only to discover that they were right and I was wrong. I was arriving in Chicago a day late. I had put the wrong day on my calendar, I totally screwed up. The wonderful people at SHRM were able to find me a breakout room and time slot for the following day, adjusting graciously to my mistake. I was so grateful. Too much going on and not enough attention to detail!

You may have also read in one of my previous posts that I tend to be forgetful when I am too stressed. This week, I drove off and left my ATM card still sitting in the ATM machine after I got cash. The bank called the next day to let me know they had it, before I even noticed it was missing! So, if you happen to see me this month, be a little patient with me. I am clearly a little out of sorts.

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