Thursday, March 2, 2017

Month in a Minute

Steve with the HR team at Atlantis, Bahamas
Even though February is a short month, we have packed a lot into it busy with clients across the US, and even a trip to the Bahamas. I made a trip to Salt Lake City to work with Steve, and he made a trip to see us in NH to co-facilitate a program with me at SNHU. Steve also made a trip to Dallas to see a new client and was also lucky enough to go to the Atlantis Resort and work with their Human Resources team there.
Steve and me at SNHU
I have been amused by some of the recent events in the entertainment industry, from Mariah Carey’s foible at the New Year’s Eve show to the Academy Awards mishap with the Best Picture award. Although I am sure the likely root cause of both problems can be blamed on human error or incompetence, the way they were handled lacked emotional intelligence. A key component to EQ is “reading” – having the situational awareness to plug-in to your surroundings and respond appropriately. It seems in neither case did the Academy producers or Mariah know how to deal with an unplanned, unscripted situation. In our lives, we luckily don’t have TV cameras on us when something goes wrong, but we all have moments when we need to react in real-time. It’s important to ask yourself if you respond to unexpected events with professionalism and creativity or do you panic and freeze up? It’s the big difference between credibility and amateurism.

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