Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tough Advice

I am the one who says comfort zone is the enemy of EQ and the way to greater happiness is by putting yourself through moderate stress. Taking my own advice is miserable. I am currently doing something that is making me feel very uncomfortable. I am selling my house. This is the house I have lived in for twelve years and it's a source of pride and been part of my identity since I moved to NH. It's the house I fought to keep when in 2010 I was 90-days late on my mortgage. It is a big house, much too big for our needs and it requires a lot of maintenance which is a huge hassle, especially because I travel so much. But, it's my known hassle. It's the longest I have lived anywhere since I was 17.

Part of my anxiety is I have no plan yet on where I will go next. So much of moving is timing and much depends on how long it takes to sell and how long I will have until I have to leave the property. Logic says to sell my house because I can spend much less a month by renting an apartment, with little to no upkeep, and have much more flexibility. It is "smart" to move. My heart is aching, saying I can't put a price on what is comfortable and familiar. Honestly, I was getting a little worried that if I waited too much longer I would chicken out and not do it. The time is right and I need to let go of the past and instead look forward to a new future. Upon reflection, I do have a pattern of doing multiple hard things at once. I enrolled in grad school when I had a toddler, was pregnant and supporting my family with a start-up business. Then during the year I wrote my first book I went through a divorce. Now I am about to publish my 2nd book and am relocating my home and office. Why do this to myself? But I have not regretted the last big changes and I know I won't regret this one either. If you are in the middle of a change yourself, hang in there. Life is good on the other side of it; we just have to get there.

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