Thursday, February 9, 2017

Month in a Minute

In the Sandbox with the fabulous HR team at SNHU
Meagan Flint and me at the CASE District1
Conference in Boston
Since this our Month in a Minute for January, I am going to say happy new year! Last year flew by and it seems this year is possibly going even faster, how is it February already?

There has been much talk about leadership these last few weeks, what it looks like, who it should serve, and what is bad. When I was younger in my career I was certified in a number of leadership programs and read all the business book best sellers. I thought I had a good understanding of what a “good leader” was. Then I went to grad school and got a degree in Organizational Leadership, and was sure then that I knew exactly what it took to be a good leader.

Since then, I have done a ton of executive coaching, led my own team of people, and written a book. I am realizing that I don’t really know as much as I thought I did. I have seen some terrible leaders who I thought were guaranteed to fail, who instead build amazing companies. I have seen some great leaders I was certain would succeed, drive their company into bankruptcy. I wish it was a simple correlation, but instead, leadership takes many forms, and different styles of leadership are needed at different times. One client of ours has just completed a huge merger, another has been in a battle to not be acquired. One has been downsized by 70%, and another is planning for 500% growth over the next two years. Each of those companies and each of the employees in those companies have different needs of their senior leaders. It would never work to have the same style person at the helm and make all of those companies successful. While I am sure having EQ is a critical skill for all leaders, I don’t believe that there is one definition of a “good leader." Do you?

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