Thursday, December 8, 2016

Month in a Minute

Steve and I with Lindsay Mattes at SLC SHRM, Steve and I with Dennis Pratt at Alkermes in Waltham MA, with Mike Kleis and Katie Douglas at Iowa CEO Conference in Des Moines, Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, AICPA Conference in Boston, Steve and I with Amy Blackmore at Moorings Park in Naples FL
I am having a hard time believing it is December already, are you? It seems summer was just a month ago and here we are with the new year less than 30 days from now. The year started out pretty quiet in our business, but it has picked up so much steam we have been traveling almost every week since Labor Day. I am incredibly grateful for the business and love being out with clients and seeing the country, but I am exhausted with the extra travel combined with being a single mom, visiting a boyfriend who lives 3,000 miles away every chance I get, and did I mention, I just finished my 2nd book? As a result of fatigue and stress, I have a bad habit of forgetting things. Not things like names or directions: I forget items. It is my warning system that I am overtired or brain dead. As a result, in the last 30-days I have left my laptop in a restaurant, my sunglasses at the movies, my jacket at a hotel, and if you happen to be flying Delta and find a blue iPod in the seat pocket, it’s mine.

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