Thursday, April 28, 2016

Month in a Minute - April 2016

I am enjoying some time with my family in Arizona this week and had an experience I want to share with you. We were enjoying a weekend college baseball game when an exuberant fan from the other team became quite noticeable. He was swinging a neon shirt in the air to try and distract our pitcher. He accompanied that with loud cat calls, constant clapping, siren sounds, loud dying cow sounds, and whistling. This went on for 3 hours, even between innings! It was as if he was the only one there. As much as I can appreciate his enthusiasm and love his team spirit, it ruined the game for us. It was so loud and constant, it became a huge irritation. I started to think how often I see a version of that guy at work. The one who is so overly enthusiastic he wears people down, annoys co-workers with pep talks, and uses no social awareness or self control. We all love the positive person who shows excitement, but too much of it at inappropriate times makes something that should be good, bad. If you find yourself being the cheerleader for your team or feel the need to always give a pep talk, really ask yourself if the timing is right, if the frequency is right, and if the audience is really responding the way you want them to? As it turned out, we beat that guy's team 12-2. By the end of the game, I think even his own players were wishing he would sit and take a break.

April included work in Manchester NH, Sanibel Island FL, Boston MA, Minneapolis MN, Seattle WA, and Miami FL.

 Jen speaking to a crowd of 500 at the Henderson Franklin HR Law and Solutions Seminar

 Jen with Megan Farias at the Association of Legal Administrators Boston Chapter meeting 

Pam with Lambert Longley, Partner at KPMG as part of her project with the Jasprizza Group 

Steve with Melissa Fell, Allie Brunette and the HR team at Parametric


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