Thursday, March 24, 2016

What Not to Do

Lock the doors, turn off all the lights, and pull the blankets up over your head, I'm about to share another tale of terror from the road.  

The mother of a 62-year old employee who had been with his company for 4 years fell ill. Because she lived out of state, he took time off to visit her. She was elderly and in ICU. He returned to work and a few weeks later, his boss noticed he was on his personal mobile phone most of one morning. Concerned, the boss called him in to his office.

Do you want to quit?”
“I have noticed you have been on your personal phone an excessive amount this morning. I’m going to write you up for it.”
“I am sorry, my mother passed away this morning and I was making arrangements.”
“Oh. I am sorry. Take the rest of the day off.”
“No, it’s okay, thank you but I have handled things for now. I can work the rest of the day since she is out of state there is nothing more I can do until I make my travel plans for the funeral.”
“Take today and tomorrow off. I insist.”

Because it was a Thursday morning, the man returned to work on Monday and submitted a bereavement leave request for later that week so he could fly home for the funeral. The boss said, “You are out of bereavement leave time. You took 2 days last week. You will have to use vacation time.”

Upon return from the funeral, the boss called the man into HR with him and presented him with a write up for excessive personal phone use from the morning his mother died.

Don’t do this!

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