Thursday, January 21, 2016

What Not to Do

It's time for my monthly installment of real-life business blunders from the field.  But, since we are embarking on a new year, I thought I'd share some mistakes from the "big guys" just to drive home the point that none of us are immune to making mistakes.  

Since social media has become an integral part of any successful business, I'm going to share an article from Techrepublic, the Top 5 Worst Social Media Brand Blunders of 2015. I'll get you started with the first two, just click the link to continue reading.

5. New York Times Magazine's poll
In October, Twitter gave users the ability to poll other Twitter users. New York Times Magazine took advantage of this tool by asking readers if, given the chance, they'd go back in time and kill baby Hitler. Much mocking ensued. Also, in case you're curious, 43% of people said they would.

Lesson: Maybe Twitter is not the place for serious ethical thought experiments.

4. Clorox's insensitivity
In the quest to be timely on social media, it's easy to get your brand in trouble. Back in April, Clorox tweeted about Apple's new emoji—they sent out a pic of a bottle of Clorox made up of emoji with the text: "The new emoji are alright, but where's the bleach?" Here's the thing—that new round of emoji included, for the first time, racially diverse emoji. iOS now gives users the ability to pick different skin tones and hair colors for anything from a thumbs up to a simple face. Clorox's tweet sounded downright racist, and the company deleted the tweet.

Lesson: Don't let timeliness make you sloppy.

Click here to read the rest of the article.

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