Thursday, December 17, 2015

What Not to Do

As we rapidly approach the soft, gooey center of the holiday season, I've decided to share one more tumultuous tale of workplace distress.

This particular occurrence did not trickle down to me from a second or third hand source, oh no, this was witnessed by my very own eyes.

A few years ago one of my regular clients was kind enough to extend me an invitation to their holiday party.  Normally I would graciously decline an offer like this thinking that my presence might somehow hinder everyone's good time, and ability to relax.  But, I had been working with them for about ten years and we all felt pretty comfortable around one another. I accepted.

After a few hours of good tunes, and a few more glasses of holiday cheer, the mood was joyous and festive.  And then, the owner walked in dressed in a santa suit from head to toe. He wasn't passing out gift cards for coffee or company paper weights, what he was doing however, was inviting all of the office "hotties" to sit on his lap.  

Sure everyone was having a good time, and they might have appeared to be distracted, deep in conversation with one another.  THEY WERE ALL WATCHING.  Trust me.

The struggle is real.
Don't do this.

Happy Holidays everyone!  See you in 2016!


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