Thursday, December 3, 2015

Focusing on What We Can Control

Once again we have another tragedy involving violence against innocent people. It’s an odd paradox: we are living in a global community that is more connected than any time in history, yet it seems to me that people feel disconnected and disenfranchised and desperate to be noticed more than ever. I am starting to feel overwhelmed by the lack of empathy and uncertainty in the world. As the live news feed rolled in on the TV tonight, all I could do was focus my mind on making dinner for my kids like it was any other Wednesday, wistfully remembering the days before 9/11. Since the Paris attacks, I have been thinking that maybe instead of allowing our attention to be glued to our devices, social media and events out there, we turn our focus to the people in our lives, right here. We must do a better job recognizing when someone is unstable, getting desperate, or needs coping skills. People cannot feel invisible. I am as guilty anyone for allowing the distraction of world headlines, news feeds and business priorities to pull me away from what is most important. I am going to make a focused effort to be present, to focus on the people and relationships in my life. Even if for 30 days we cut off technology, political blather, and meaningless distractions and worked hard at being good parents, responsible family members, accountable employees and community citizens, I believe we can stop this alarming trend. Each home can positively influence a town, each town can positively influence a state, and each country can positively change the world. 

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