Thursday, November 19, 2015

What Not to Do


It's late Friday morning as you sit at your desk finishing up the last few loose ends from the week.  You see a new email pop up from your manager who also happens to be the president of the division.  You open it and begin skimming the memo, "Out of the office today (you are already aware of this because it is 11 o'clock) on and so forth...also, I would like to let you know I just hired a new senior VP. You will now be reporting to him...have a nice weekend."

Your jaw drops as you think of the last five years you've spent cultivating a strong working relationship with the president. You'd really like to know why you've been removed from her direct reporting line and when this new boss will start work. You have no idea who this person is, or what they are going to be like. "Why would she hire someone from outside the company instead of promoting one of us? How did he come in with a bigger title than any of us?"  You get up to go talk to her and then remember that she will be out of the office until Monday. Unsure how your tone might come across in email, you decide to wait to talk to her in person. 

That "nice weekend" she wished you just dissolved like the confidence you have in your company and their leadership ethics.

Do I really need to say it?

Don't do this!

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