Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Tale of Two Coaches

Our very own Steve Friedlein found this article while traveling.  It's a great example of how EQ is relevant in every field at any level.

Even people at the top of their game are sometimes forced to come to terms
with their approach to being seen as the ultimate subject matter expert in their organizations.
The September 2015 Delta Sky Magazine ran a story about two coaches who are arguably the most successful in the realm of NCAA sports.
Mike Krzyzewski, coach of the Duke University Blue Devils basketball team, and Urban Meyer, coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes football team.
Both had won two national championships in their respective collegiate sports, and both developed health issues that forced them to re-think their superior subject matter focused leadership styles.
To quote Coach K:  “I had a back problem, but thought I was Superman and came back to work too quickly.
So I reevaluated everything, got counseling and managed my work load differently from that point on.”
What changed from that point on?  “I didn’t micromanage as much, and I made sure that I got accustomed
to depending more heavily on the qualified people who work with me, allowing them to make decisions.”
In Coach Urban’s case, he said:  “I was having chest pains for three years without getting the proper diagnosis…
I just started asking why…and evaluating…am I doing the right thing?
He said, “I’m a lot like Coach K…I was a micro manager…He gave me this advice (and I remind myself every day)
if it doesn’t help you, your coaching staff or your players…you don’t have to do it.”
Regardless of your level of talent…It’s nearly impossible to be all things to all people in your organization.
It may be working at this point in time, however you may be doing a disservice to yourself & to those around you.
Both of these coaches have consistently exhibited skills that had been the foundation of their success…
But both were forced to expand their self-awareness in order to continue their successful careers.

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