Thursday, October 22, 2015

What Not to Do

Imagine yourself in this situation:

It's Monday morning as you slowly make your way to your desk.  You sit down, boot up your computer, and begin checking the seemingly endless trail of new emails.  One email in particular catches your eye because it is from the corporate headquarters of the international company you work for.


Our lease for the building in the northeast branch will be up on 1/1/17.  We have no current plans to renew it.


Whaaaat does THIS mean? I work in the northeast branch. 
No lease means no office. Is this their way of saying no job after 12/31/16?
Should I start sending out resumes?
What's the plan?

Scary, right?  I'd even go so far as to say traumatic.

Now here's the disturbing part...this actually happened.

Does it really need to be said?

C'mon people, don't do this!

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