Thursday, October 29, 2015

Month in a Minute

AimcoR meeting in Dallas
It seems impossible that it’s the end of October already! But here in New England, there are sure signs of Fall everywhere…the trees have turned gold and red and there is a chill in the air. I am in denial that we are a little over 60 days from the new year, and I know it’s time to savor this small lull before the holiday mayhem begins.

And it’s official. We have noticed a serious slow-down in business, and we are not alone. It seems every day now I read a headline about more layoffs and several of our very large corporate clients are in the middle of acquisitions or restructure. Change is happening all around us and it’s in times like this that our EQ is tested most of all. Hang in there, we are focusing on stress management, flexibility and optimism. 

Jane(Left) and Pam looking cute as can be road-tripping it to a Kansas City Chiefs football game.

We did have one exciting event, we got our 3,000th subscriber to our performance pointer newsletter!  While our recipient would like to remain anonymous, we congratulate her and appreciate the support.  Thank you!

The amazing view from the Seacrest Hotel in Falmouth, MA during the NEHRA HR Executive Roundtable, (Top Right) Shirkani sandwich with Steve Friedlein and Jordana Mirel at Eaton Vance, (Bottom Right) Steve and I at IR+M

Happy Halloween!

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