Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Rob Reuteman's Leadership Tips and Their Ego Trap Counterparts

In the online edition of Entrepreneur Magazine, Rob Reuteman discussed multiple methods for strengthening your leadership skills in 9 Ways to Become a Better Leader. His article offers great advice for talent management at all levels and emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership. These tips serve to reinforce the dangers of certain ego traps discussed in my book, EGO vs. EQ:How Top Leaders Beat 8 Ego Traps with Emotional Intelligence.

When avoiding being overpowered by your ego, you’ll be following these suggestions and making your leadership experience better for everyone. Here are just a few of my favorite connections between Reuteman’s tips and the ego traps:

"Know yourself" aligns to Ego Trap #1: Ignoring Feedback You Don't Like.
There is usually a pretty big gap between our intentions and our impact. High self-awareness relies on high quality feedback and the higher up a leader goes, the less and less real information they receive about their effectiveness. It's a tale as old as the emperor wearing no clothes. Knowing yourself requires ongoing self-reflection, emotional self-awareness and good feedback sources.

"Encourage employees to disagree with you" aligns to Ego Trap #3: Only surrounding yourself with people like you. 
When you hire others who live on your wavelength, you unintentionally create a support system of people who are not equipped to challenge you, to question your thinking, or to offer you a different perspective and direction. It is key to avoid getting trapped in your own way of thinking – disagreement can be healthy and productive for yours and your team’s goals. 

"Don’t micromanage" aligns to Ego Trap #4: Not letting go of control
The best leaders empower the people below them, equip them with the tools for success, and then step back. It’s important not to get caught up in the little details of company operation but rather maintain focus on strategy development and talent engagement, as well as gauging the industry landscape and looking forward to move your business into the future. 

"Show compassion" aligns to Ego Trap #7: Losing touch with the frontline experience. 
Strong relationships at work strengthen your connection with your employees and also serve to give extra meaning to the work those employees are doing for you.  Make sure to check in with the ground troops and reinforce that important human connection and sense of their day-to-day realities. 

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