Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Penumbra's Month in a Minute

Dinner at our executive retreat, The team that snorkels together stays together, Debra Newton and me at the Transamerica Agency Operations National conference

It’s hard to believe we are halfway through 2015. This year is flying by. Although we are noticing a bit of a slowdown, typical in the summer months, I am wondering if we aren’t hitting another soft period in professional services. The impact of the energy industry and it’s massive layoffs must be influencing many other industries, that and with the election year approaching usually makes the budget-tenders nervous. I hope that organizations maintain the momentum they have started, especially when it comes to investing in their people. When things are lean or stressful is when employees need functional leadership skills more than ever.

Although we did travel the country in the month of June including Orlando, Boston, Washington DC, Dallas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Irvine, New York City and Nashville, it was the trip to St. John, USVI that takes the prize. We did a small “executive retreat” with me, Pam and Steve on the island. I have decided that I enjoy work the most when it’s done on a beach, on a boat, or when watching a sunset. Thanks to our gracious host, David Bailey, for the opportunity!

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