Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Penumbra's Month in a Minute

Clockwise from top left: Jordana Mirel, Corporate Training Manager for Eaton Vance,  Pam and I in Omaha, CT CPA Annual Meeting

The month of May included events in Mount Laurel NJ, Mulberry CT, Omaha NE, Boston MA, and Orlando FL. Highlights of the month included:

  • Facilitating leadership workshops in Boston
  • Presenting to the Tri-State HR Association attendees at their annual conference
  • Meeting some wonderful accounting professionals at the Connecticut CPA state conference
  • Working with the Nebraska Entrepreneurs Organization in Pam’s home town of Omaha
My favorite story of the month was shared by an attendee at the CT CPA conference and went like this:

“We had a partner at our firm who was very strong in his technical expertise but often showed a lack of general sensibility. We had been working on some high profile bank prospects to entice some referral business and had put together customized PowerPoint presentations for each of the banks. After one such presentation, the bank employee approached our partner and said how impressed he was with the level of detail and customization we provided and it was clear how much time we had put into our preparation.

Our partner said, ‘Oh that was nothing. We did the same presentation the day before for ACME Bank and just swapped out their logos and put in yours.’

That person is no longer with our firm.”

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