Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Penumbra's Month in a Minute

April took us to Portland ME, Pittsburgh PA, Westborough MA, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Washington DC. We had some great programs and client meetings.

Highlights of this month included:
  • Delivering an EQ Workshop as part of the management development program at Williams Energy. What a great group of young future leaders, they were very engaged and asked some great questions. 
  • Being the keynote speaker at the Clark Lavey HR Bootcamp VI on Ego vs EQ. Thank you to everyone who bought a book and introduced yourself!

One event I am not sure I will call a highlight was my book signing at the Barnes & Noble in Manchester, NH. It was my first event like it, sitting in a retail store and meeting customers and signing books they purchase. I had great hopes for the event, imagining in my mind the thrill of meeting a few fans and expecting in the 2 hour event I would have a pretty easy time selling the case of 22 books they ordered. Angela and I spent extra time marketing it and donating books to appropriate businesses to build awareness, so I was hopeful and expected it to be a successful event. 

Well, I managed to sell exactly 2 books…not quite the lively event I had pictured in my mind! So, it was my own personal ego check. If anyone has had a similar experience, it's good to stay grounded in reality. Painful, but good.  

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