Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Penumbra's Month in a Minute

The Penumbra team was on the go in March, visiting clients from coast to coast with stops in: Boston, Toledo, Houston, New York City, and Portland, Oregon.

Some highlights of the month included: 
  • A speaking engagement on Ego vs EQ at SHRA, one of the SHRM Chapters in NH.                                                                     
  • A visit to Toledo to speak at Health Care REIT 
  • And, rounded out the month in NYC to see one of the Eaton Vance offices and to deliver leadership tips to the staff at The Quin, a premier mid-town Manhattan boutique hotel. 

Pamela and I also visited Houston to provide executive coaching at Scientific Drilling and see some wonderful colleagues in the area. The meetings went great, but unfortunately the travel logistics didn't follow suit. The day we were leaving, our rental car broke down. We called the rental company (Dollar) to report the problem to Roadside Service, while we dashed into a cab to catch our flights. We made a stop to drop the keys at the airport Dollar counter and explain the situation. From there it was a bit of a comedy – the car never arrived at the airport, luckily I was given the name of the tow company Dollar called and when I checked with them they said they never picked up the car and notified Dollar that their truck wouldn’t fit in the garage where the rental car was parked. When I asked Dollar who they called next they said they had no record of my call to report the problem initially (apparently their agents have ESP on when to call a wrecking service), and when I called the garage where we left the car hoping it might still be there they checked and said it was not still parked there, but they happily confirmed that they were not the ones to have it towed. Great.  

With the car gone without a trace and me now 1500 miles away, I am starting to read the fine print of my car insurance policy on deductibles while getting calls from Dollar Corporate Security saying they will report the car stolen if I don’t return it. I could not get any help tracking down where the car was from anyone at the Dollar Roadside Assistance or Dollar Corporate Security and was about ready to tell them to go ahead and report the car stolen when I called the manager Sheryl at the Hobby airport who was the first helpful, reasonable person I spoke to. She got in touch with Travis at Bayou City Wrecker. He was able to locate the car (exactly where we left it in the garage BTW) and finally returned it back to the airport…8 days after we left. Thank goodness for Travis.

Needless to say, I think we are taking a break from renting cars at Penumbra for a while. Taxi! 

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HearSpeakSeeReality said...

Just goes to show Dollar should have hired Penumbra's star Ms. Shirkani for her guide to excellent customer service workshop !