Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Day in the Life

I spoke at a conference in Phoenix yesterday and planned to fly to New York today with a connection in Denver.  Flight from PHX to Denver scheduled to leave at 12:30pm. We boarded, taxied to runway and then stopped due to weather in Denver. After an hour they said it would be another 90 minutes so we would go back to the airport. We deplane. We sit in the gate area for ten minutes and they announce the ground hold is released, we need to board again. We board. They close the door. Just before we push, they announce the ground hold is back on. They open the door and offer to let us deplane. Ninety minutes later we board again. We finally leave at 5:30pm. 5 hours late. I arrive in Denver and missed every possible connection to NY. So, I get rerouted through Chicago. I arrive at 12:30am and leave tomorrow morning for NY at 6am. The bonus will be if my checked suitcase actually stays with me. Note to self: always pick the direct flight. 

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