Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Congrats to David Cote - 2013 Chief Executive of the Year

Chief Executive Magazine selected David Cote of Honeywell as their CEO of the Year. I was impressed with several examples cited in the article ( First, he created a doctrine of 12 leadership behaviors, one of which is "Self-Aware/Learner".

We know that self-aware leaders avoid ego trap 1 (ignoring feedback you don't like) and instead seek out information that helps them be more connected and more aligned between intention and impact. Adding the "learner" component is brilliant, because at Honeywell it's not enough to just listen to feedback, but also learn from it and take action.

The article also quotes Mr. Cote as saying, "One of the first things I did was just get out a lot." In fact, is says he connected with 10,000 people in his first couple of months on the job. That's an example of avoiding ego trap 7 (losing touch with the front line experience) and I would hope that he is still making it a regular practice to visit employees around the globe in their daily work environments.

Using emotional intelligence to overcome common ego traps isn't really that complicated. It just takes some consistent attention and diligent behavior - two things completely in your control.

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