Tuesday, June 11, 2013

There's No Crying in Business

One of the emotional intelligence skills is emotional self-control. Those who lack it often have difficulty managing their emotional reactions to situations and may lash out in anger or break down in tears. I won't pretend that crying in a business meeting is not a credibility killer.

I have spoken with many of those that cry when overwhelmed by a situation and ask, "How am I to best deal with this when you start crying?". Most tell me to keep the meeting going while they try and compose themselves. So that's what I do. I bring in a box of tissues and keep the meeting going.

But I am a woman and I think men stop dead in their tracks when a woman in their office starts crying. This is a great article from a self-disclosed crier that explains why men have difficulty ignoring it. Most importantly, it provides strategies for those of you who tend to cry easily on how to maintain your emotional self-control and earn more credibility.



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