Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Quin - EQ in Action

This week I got the pleasure of working with Holly Breuche and her new team at New York’s luxury hotel, The Quin ( which opens in a couple of weeks. I was so impressed with the teams' overall enthusiasm and interest in EQ. She has assembled some inspirational A Players: Shanelle, Hercy, Miriam, Sean, Guia, Michel, Kimberly, Steve, Orlando, Dennis and Enada. The group left with a keen understanding of the importance of demonstrating high emotional intelligence as department managers and leaders.

A hotel opening tests everyone’s stress tolerance, flexibility and empathy, and Holly’s insight to provide the training prior to the big day shows she has both high IQ and EQ! Having emotional intelligence can truly make or break a workplace culture and I felt very positive after leaving the team members of The Quin and I can’t wait to see their future success.  

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