Thursday, May 9, 2013


Last week I had the great pleasure to help a family business identify their core mission and vision. The best part? It was a winery. There was so much power in the room as we talked about honoring the family legacy and the land. We were onsite, and the warm sunny day in the vineyard set a magical backdrop for the conversation, as we heard birds and baby lambs in the background.

It came at the end of my busy week of coaching sessions and EQ training. It was on the drive out that it hit me how blessed me and my fellow executive coaches and development colleagues are to do the work we do. We impact people’s lives in a unique way.
First responders (police, fireman, doctors) are most helpful when things are bad. And we are glad they are there, but hope to never need them again.

Professional service providers (accountants, lawyers) are necessary evils. We wish we never had to see them again.

Mental health professionals (counselors, therapists) are best used when we are at a low point. We work to be healthy enough to stop seeing them again.

But I work with you best when you are not in crisis.
I build on your best traits.
I help you see when you have been blind.
I give you power you didn’t know you had.
I will leave a lasting and life-long imprint on your career and soul.
I take you to the deep end of the pool and force you to swim, but will never let you drown.
You can’t wait to see me again.

That is good work. And I actually get paid to do it.

Seriously, how freaking awesome is that?      

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