Thursday, April 25, 2013

Knowing Less Can Be More

         I was in meeting this week with an executive reviewing his career path. He mentioned that he came to his current company from a completely different industry. We discussed the difficulty he faced of not knowing the details of the operations he was now responsible for. But there is a huge upside of being unable to tell people how to do things. It gives you a built in immunity to avoiding Ego Trap 4 – Not Letting Go of Control. The leader who falls into Ego Trap 4 chooses to stay involved at transactional levels, feeling that a hands-on approach is their responsibility if they know more about something than anyone else. Although this is an understandable response, the impact of a leader who is deep in the weeds often results in hindering the team’s ability to solve problems independently. Not knowing the nitty gritty details of everything forces you to delegate more, let go of control, and allows room for better decision making.

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