Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jetting In and Out

I was getting some feedback for one of my coaching clients, a senior executive who just took over a new operations unit. As part of his onboarding, he went out to visit several of the plants he is now responsible for. The feedback from the field was, "He jetted in with his entourage, did a quick meeting with us and jetted out."

This is typical, I know he is busy, executives always have places to be. But think of the power you have as an executive when you make the time to visit with employees and tour the facility. Think of the impact of speaking from notes instead of with a fancy PowerPoint presentation. Think how much more approachable you appear when you ditch the entourage...

What if instead of talking about the company expectations, you talk about the work of your employees at that location and how much of a difference they make? What if you can connect the corporate goals and objectives to what the front line technician does every day? What if you take time to have lunch with your top talent - the most engaged employees that you cannot afford to lose?
These are small adjustments with a huge payoff.

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