Thursday, April 4, 2013

Could This Be From Your Employee?

This is text from an actual letter sent by a hotel employee in a national chain to every single distribution list in the company’s email system. Yep, it went to thousands of employees. Find ways to ignore the needs of your employees and I guarantee you, they will find a way to ignore yours. Whether the employee is right or wrong, this is not the way you want to get a resignation letter.  (Of course, all the names have been changed)…

Dear Mr. Smith,
I would like to thank you for successfully transforming a place in which I once looked forward to coming to everyday into an unnecessarily frustrating and stressful work environment.  Although I have thoroughly enjoyed working with my colleagues, and I greatly appreciate and cherish many of our kind and understanding guests, your amateurish management style has made this work environment increasingly less tolerable.

Among the many issues that we encounter daily, agents have been forced to work with equipment that constantly breaks down making our job difficult, if not at times impossible, to perform.  I personally cannot remember the last time I have had a workday in which all of the equipment used by agents and guests worked properly.  Any attempts to voice our frustrations have fallen on deaf ears and has been met with empty promises and deadlines that come and go without any long-term resolutions.  We are also left to face frustrated guests who complain about these technical failures, which we as agents have little if any power to fix on our own.  Your employees have handled  these circumstances with as much patience and professionalism as could be expected in such situations, but the responsibility of management above all else should be to ensure that workers have the resources  necessary to perform the most basic functions of their jobs.
Meanwhile, even as logistical operations remain in a state of disarray, you seem to have become increasingly obsessed with policing employee behavior and implementing an endless list of petty rules and regulations.   Such misguided uses of power and resources has contributed to a very uncomfortable work environment in which employees are paranoid that every glance at a non –work related website, or moment of leisure conversation with fellow coworkers is being closely monitored and documented.  Rather than creating an environment conducive to maximizing customer satisfaction and retention,  your focus has been on monitoring employee behavior, trying desperately to catch us doing something wrong, meanwhile failing to provide the tools necessary for us to most effectively perform our job responsibilities. 

In addition, the tactless manner in which you have dealt with agents in the past is indicative of the lack of respect and genuine concern you have for the employees entrusted to you.  You have carelessly thrown away the best agents as if they are disposable and easy to replace, while senselessly promoting the most useless supervisors to even higher, more unmerited positions of authority.  These remarkably irresponsible and illogical decisions are made hastily and agents are then left on their own to deal with the aftermath.  Such glaring incompetence and mismanagement is unbecoming and unacceptable of one placed in a position of leadership such as yours. 
It has become increasingly obvious that you have no clue as to how to effectively manage or communicate with your employees.  I won’t pretend to understand by what crime against logic you were able to obtain the position of power you currently abuse, but I would not hire you to run my bath water let alone trust you to run any type of business successfully.  Just in case you still have yet to process the intended purpose of this letter, allow me to officially offer my resignation from my current position effective immediately. 

To my fellow colleagues, it has truly been a pleasure to work with you on a daily basis.  Any successes and accolades that the hotel has achieved have been solely because of your efforts, often in spite of the inadequate management you have had to endure.  You are a highly intelligent and talented group of individuals and I only hope that one day you will be empowered with leadership worthy of your abilities; management that is competent enough to recognize and best utilize your talents for the betterment of the hotel as well as your own professional development.  I wish you all the best in both current and future endeavors.
Warmest Regards,

J Smith
Former Overnight Front Desk Agent

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