Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Trap #5 – Being Blind to Your Downstream Impact

How could positive energy and constant change be a drag on the business? Well, it can be, especially when a leader lacks the Emotional Intelligence to understand how his or her decisions affect (and are perceived by) everyone down the line.
Every decision you make as an executive ripples through your organization in waves, and the amplitude can become more intense the farther “downstream” the impact. This idea is at the root of the power you wield at the top and it is by no means a bad thing—when your eyes are wide open to it. Yet too many executives forget that the choices they make, even seemingly small ones, can have far-reaching effects throughout the organization.

 Notoriously shifting priorities, feeling hot about a project one day and cold the next, making everything a priority at once so that nothing is prioritized—all of these behaviors (and others) get in the way of sustaining the organization’s long-term goals and cloud the company’s vision. No matter what you say to your employees, your behaviors have an even greater downstream impact.

 Trap #5 walks leaders through the necessary steps to evaluate whether the choices they make stem from personal egoism or EQ, with the good of the company in mind, and how to tell the difference between the two. This chapter looks at real-life examples of both positive (EQ-based) and negative (ego-based) downstream impact.


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