Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Trap #1 – Ignoring Feedback You Don’t Like

This Trap asks leaders: What aren’t your people telling you? And how can you get them to open up?

It can be hard to hear honest feedback—especially when the feedback is not what we think or want to believe about ourselves. But the consequences of ignoring that feedback can be even more damaging (for your career and the company) than facing down some potentially unpleasant realizations about your work style. This chapter shows readers how practicing the three primary EQ skills—self-awareness, empathy, and self-control—can open the door to free-flowing communication and ensure they receive the timely feedback they need to lead effectively.

There are three reasons why people don’t give senior executives feedback:

(1) People are afraid, because when they have given you feedback they have experienced repercussions;

(2) Your reaction is defensive, and you make it so difficult for people to provide feedback, that they decide it’s not worth it;

(3) They’ve given you feedback many times but you’ve never made changes, so they give up on you.

Where does EQ come into play? Ego and EQ are mutually exclusive, which means that you simply cannot be seen as self-centered or self-involved when you  operate from a place of sensing what others need from you—using Emotional Intelligence instead of always expecting others to sense what you want or need first.


Question: Have you worked with leaders who have fallen into this Trap for any of the 3 reasons listed above?

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