Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Intro Chapter Excerpt 1

Getting the truth from others when you are in a position of power is tough. It’s a tale as old as The Emperor’s New Clothes: No one wanted to tell the emperor he was naked, and no one wants to tell the CEO he might be wrong. Whatever the nature of the feedback for the leader, if it’s not purely positive, colleagues, reports, and team members may hesitate to offer it. That lack of candor can quickly lead to trouble: today, tomorrow, or in a few months’ time.

            This is a book about becoming even better at what you already do by identifying your personal blind spots and using the power of EQ to overcome them. I call it ego vs. EQ: that dance between ego and emotional intelligence, that ever-important balancing act between self-confidence, outer strength, and superior technical expertise that helped you climb to your position today and the seemingly softer, more interior qualities of reflection, consideration, and connection that will ensure you stay there.

Note: there are special instructions once you reach the top. Many of the business books out there today can help you refine your game as you climb to the pinnacle of your organization or business, but the special skill set you need to stay at the top has often been missing from the discussion. This book will give you a set of eight ego “landmines” to avoid and the respective EQ tactics that will help you recalibrate for success at the top. Because the goal for many of us isn’t just to reach the summit, of course—it’s to stay there.

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