Thursday, August 16, 2012

Recognizing Self-Awareness

A client who is using one of the EQ skills, Self-Awareness, as a performance metric asked me to share some hallmarks of it in order to better recognize it when reviewing others. This list could also be applied to candidates when you are interviewing them as well:

Emotional Self-Awareness:
• Communicates feelings or moods proactively
• Doesn’t take bad moods out on others
• Consistent in demeanor and attitude (predictable)
• Admits struggles or weaknesses
• Takes time to process information instead of being impulsive or rash
• Shares information about their triggers or pet peeves
• Is open to feedback in a non-defensive way
• Is comfortable sharing feelings
• Demonstrates an understanding of how their feelings and emotions impact the reactions of others

Social Self-Awareness:
• Recognizes the impact they have on others and is sensitive to it
• Laughs at themselves (self-deprecating)
• Stays present and mindful in meetings
• Acknowledges other communication styles
• Comes across with low ego
• Adjusts own communication preferences to meet the needs of others (does not take a one size fits all approach)
• Asks others for feedback on ways to improve, even if it’s hard to hear
• Shares self-knowledge of how they are seen by others

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