Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Random Thoughts From the Road

What city am I in? Was 906 my hotel room number from last night or last week? When I walk into the parking lot, I go to the blue car then realize that was from the day before. What color was that car I picked up last night? Toyota or Nissan?

If only my body kept up with changing time zones as well as my phone does.

I walked into Enterprise to pick up a car last week and was surprised to find they couldn’t find my reservation. Until I realized I made my reservation with Hertz.

My iPhone lets me set appointments, but doesn’t clarify in what time zone they are in. Sorry to the client with whom I tried to schedule a conference call at 5am PDT; that was intended for 8am PDT.

The NetJet people email me to taunt me, as I am pretty sure I can never fly on a private jet because that would just ruin me for commercial air travel ever again. I also don’t dare consider the cost – probably a year’s worth of health insurance premiums for my family.

It’s official, US Air does have the most bitter flight attendants in the industry.

I have met the most amazing people through the work I do, and am honored that they trust me enough to let me peek under the covers. I am blessed to still be in business after the last 3 years, still have my home, and still have health insurance for my family. I so appreciate my supportive husband and beautiful daughters who flex and roll with this crazy, unorthodox, non-traditional life, without complaint.

If I meet you on a plane, I ask for your forgiveness in advance if I seem a little spacey. Jet lag. Life jag.