Monday, March 14, 2011

Type A personality: It's not all bad news!

Type A Personality: It’s not all bad news!

People with Type A personalities are known for being impatient, aggressive and high-stress. They often get a bad rap. But recent research suggests that if you have some Type A characteristics, there may be benefits – especially when it comes to your work life.

Here's what some studies say:

  • A study in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine suggests that employees with Type A personalities are often effective leaders and have lower levels of work stress.
  • Research presented in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology found that people with Type A personalities tend to be more ambitious. As a result, they have higher levels of job satisfaction.
  • A study in the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology found that Type A employees are more likely to be engaged in their work and less likely to report burnout.
  • Research conducted in Finland found that the leadership component of Type A personalities is related to several positive traits, including high standards, perseverance and self-esteem and and being well liked among friends and co-workers - traits that may even help lower the risk of heart disease.

Source: Mayo Clinic Health Solutions

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