Monday, January 3, 2011

Annual Travel Summary - 2010

Here is my 2010 travel summary:

113,635 miles, 7 airlines, 32 airports.

Total delays: 15.05 hours (includes credits for early arrivals)

Percent of all flights with a delay: 30.77% (78% of those were delayed more than 15 mins)

Average delay (all flights): 42 minutes

Percent of delays not weather related: 84.38%

Percent of flights with a delay by airline:

Southwest (45 flights) 35.56% (81% of those were delayed more than 15 mins)

United (40 flights) 25% (100% of those were delayed more than 15 mins)

US Air (9 flights) 44.44% (50% of those were delayed more than 15 mins)

Continental (8 flights) 12.5% (0% of those were delayed more than 15 mins)

Average delay by airline:

Southwest: 38 minutes

United: 59 minutes, plus 2 delayed bags

US Air: 19 minutes

Continental: 13 minutes

The winner of the most outrageous reason for a delay is United Airlines. We were sitting on the active taxiway, in line for takeoff when the pilot came on and said that we had to return to the gate to pick up a crew member who needed to be at the airport for a morning flight. The delay ended up being 61 minutes for a flight that was scheduled to be 1 hr 23 minutes, gate to gate.

Compared to 2009, my stats are actually worse in 2010. Sadly, the FAA Reauthorization funding has been delayed yet again (I think it is on it's 14th extension) so until the system improves, airline passenger's will continue to face long delays, wasted time, and unreliable service from the air carriers. There is a lot in the airlines control, although I have seen very little effort to determine what that is and make the most of customer experience.

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Ross said...

Alaska Airlines, just returned. Mostly a very pleasant flight, but the person running the gate was very rude in turning down our request to sit together, if possible on a 6 1/2 hour flight. Bought tickets four months ago, and still couldn't get seats together. I understand full, high demand flights, but there is no need to be rude! Won't blame the 45 minute delay on them....usually a tail wind became a 55 mph headwind...Oh well.