Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Let's Get Rid of Management

People don't want to be managed.
They want to be led.
Whoever heard of a world manager?
World leader, yes.
Educational leader.
Political leader.
Religious leader.
Scout leader.
Community leader.
Labor leader.
Business leader.
They lead.
They don't manage.
You can lead your horse to water,
but you can't manage him to drink.
If you want to manage somebody,
manage yourself.
Do that well, and you'll
be ready to stop managing,
and start leading.



Ross said...

This is such a strong quote. Really love it. Underlying [not so much] theme is to Lead by Example. Lost to so many business people. Are you finding more, or less people who understand and internalize your 'High Performance Workplace' message?

Best regards!

Shirkani said...

Thanks Ross, I think that it is a constant effort to think bigger and not get lost in the weeds of transactional management. Too many "leaders" micro-manage their team and then wonder why no one will take any accountability. A lot of the way out is through self-awareness and self-control; the path to organizational effectiveness.
Thanks for reading! Best...J.