Thursday, November 20, 2008

Employee Engagement

In Marcus Buckingham's book "First Break All the Rules" he discusses research that shows, unequivocally, that employee's don't leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses. Buckingham and his team have created 12 questions (called in the business as the "Q12") to determine how engaged an employee is to their company and supervisor. One of the questions is "Do I have a best friend at work?".
When I share this concept at speaking events or workshops, most managers scoff.
"'Best' friend at work? Isn't the old saying to keep work and personal lives seperate? Doesn't is make everything more complicated when co-workers become best friends?".
The answers are yes, yes and yes. It does make things messier but the question requires a yes answer to confirm employee engagement. Having a best friend that you get to work with makes fun from drudgery, laughter from strife, and sharing rewards of hard work that much sweeter. I highly recommend it.